Answer Me App

This was a test app to practice my UX design chops.  

The Problem

Design an app that users can ask questions from professionals in their respective fields.


Apply user testing, and working through various strategies to define pain points in a users journey through the app and then resolving those issues with iteration and retesting.

Design Tools

Figma, Envision, Photoshop

Research Method

User Interviews, User Testing, Card Sorting, Task Analysis, User Flows

Answer Me App

Site map

Here you can see the site map that was built out after card sorting and then using an online tool to create usability matrix.

Mental Model & User Journey

I combined the mental model and user journey to try and better understand the user and they could or would use the app.

Mental Model & User Journey

Wire Frames and Prototyping

Here is a short expression of the progress of from low to mid to high design of the app. Click on the image to enlarge for better readability.

A/B Testing

I conducted an A/B test on the onboarding screen to see which screen was easier to understand and use. Screen B scored higher during the usability test. Click on the image to enlarge for better readability.

In this project I had try to use as many exercises I could find and see if I could find the pain points and solved the problems that the user would run into.  There were more testing done throughout this project, It’s just hard to portray all of it here.