Interactive Wayfinder

Interactive Wayfinder

The interactive display is used by patrons to find games, see promotions, find upcoming entertainment and locate restaurants.

The Problem

The Wayfinder is an Interactive screen for patrons to use to find their way throughout the casino. One of the tiles was titled Adventure Road, in which if patrons click on it, it would take the end user to to the Adventure Road website.  With no keyboard and mouse, there was no way for the user to even use this feature. Also there was no need for the patron to use that portion of this interactive screen.  Also, the website content was about traveling all over the U.S.  It had nothing to do with the casino.  It became totally useless.


Stakeholders wanted to keep all other tiles and their uses, but update and redesign the sixth tile of Adventure Road and change it be used for Amenities.

Design Tools

Adobe XD, Envision

Research Method

User Interviews, User Testing, Card Sorting

Site map

Spent some time card sorting as well as some user testing to hash out the simplest way for the end user to find the answers they needed. Such has hotel information, Golf course details and shopping.

We soon realized that we had too many screen. The idea was to reduce the amount of screens the end user drilled into to get the answers they needed.

Here is a sample of one of the iterations of  mid fidelity prototype of the Amenities features of the Interactive Wayfinder.  We realized that too many drill in screens became a pain point for the patrons, and they soon bailed on the experience.  One of the primary goals was to reduce the amount pages the end user was having to drill into to get their answers they were looking for.  We did this by utilizing the massive real estate of the large screen.

Here is a sample of one of the iterations of hi-fidelity prototype of the Amenities features of the Interactive Wayfinder.  The environment is very low lit so we were conscious about the colors as well as matching the current website.

The Amenities tile and experiences it offered met the expectations of the stakeholders, but the platform was too outdated, so projected was dissolved and other avenues were taken to rebuild the entire platform from the ground up.